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Planning an RV trip can be overwhelming. There are lots of factors to consider, and with RVing becoming more and more popular, snagging the spots you want can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, we’re here to help as your RV travel planners!

If you’re ready to get started, please fill out our information collection form so that we have some details about your trip, your travel preferences, and your ideal campgrounds.

My name is Doug. I run the Learn to RV website and Facebook group, helping people get out on the road and have a great time in their RVs. I have over 10 years of RVing experience, and 6 of those years were spent on the road full-time. I travel with my wife, two kids, and two cats, and we like to travel in comfort. Because of this, the vast majority of my travel has been in big rigs. We’ve camped in a pop-up, 2 fifth wheels (a 42′ bunkhouse and a 44′ toy hauler), and are now in a 39′ class A motorhome.

Dawn and my families met while we both were fulltime. Dawn, her husband, 6 girls, and a dog were fulltime for 5 years as well. Our families just clicked and Dawn was the first person I thought of when this RV Trip Planning thing took off.

Wondering why you would hire us as your RV travel planning agent? Well, our many years of RVing experience part-timing and full-timing in big rigs (> 35′ travel trailers, > 40′ fifth wheels, and > 40′ motorhomes) have made us something of a trip planning experts. Not only that, we enjoy planning RV adventures, something many people find stressful and overwhelming. I find joy in snagging those sites you want so badly, and in helping you find the best places to visit and things to see as you explore this amazing country.

If you’re still not sure an RV travel agent is right for you, it might help to have a solid understanding of the benefits of hiring one. You might be surprised just how nice it is to hand the planning over to someone else.

Some of the biggest perks of hiring an RV travel planner include: 

  • Less stress. Leave your planning to us, and relax knowing I’ve got you covered. No more hours on the phone trying to secure reservations or late nights spent planning a route. 
  • Claim your time back. We all know how valuable time is, especially when you’re in a busy season of life. By hiring an RV trip planner, you take back the time you would have spent planning, so you can spend on the things that are most important to you. 
  • More fun. As someone who has seen the country, I have firsthand experience discovering some of the most magical and exciting places. We can help you weave some of these gems into your travels, making your adventures even more amazing.

Curious to know what such an amazing service costs? Many people are surprised to learn just how affordable our RV trip planning services are.

Trip Planning Fee

We charge a $75 per week flat fee based on the duration of the trip for the planning services. There is a minimum 1-week charge and partial weeks are rounded up (e.g. 12 days = 2 weeks). This gets you a set of stops, an idea of parks that might work (but we don’t check for availability), and suggestions for things to do at each stop (for areas that we know as a group- it’s a lot, but not everywhere!). We pull it together into an RV trip plan using RV Trip Wizard or RV Parky, spreadsheet of itinerary and approximate costs, a calendar view of the stops, and a summary document of that all pulled together.

Optional Reservation Fee

Clients also have the option of having us make some or all of their camping reservations (a credit card authorization form is required). Those who choose this option, there is a 20% surcharge/reservation fee of the pre-tax nightly rate (e.g. for $50/night, this would be a surcharge of $10/night) or $5, whichever is higher (so a $20/night stop, this would be a surcharge of $5/night). We can make your Harvest Hosts/Boondockers Welcome stops by signing into your account and doing the work for you, these fall into the $5/night minimum fee.

Additional Charges

I despise the idea of “add-on” fees, but we’re finding that some scenarios have a significant amount of additional work for making the magic happen. These are:

  • Short notice/rushed planning – for trips that are planned within 30 days from sign-up cause quite a bit of juggling. The Trip Planning fee changes to $125/week. Note, we may not be able to accommodate trips that begin with less than 14 days notice.
  • Big national parks in the summer – for trips that include the major national parks (primarily out west), finding reservations has been proving to be very difficult. The Reservation Fee changes to 25%.
  • Florida winter snowbird/spring break – for trips to Florida in January, February, and March, finding availability is quite challenging. The Reservation Fee changes to 30%.

If you’re ready to get started, please fill out our information collection form so that we have some details about your trip, your travel preferences, and your ideal campgrounds.